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Plesk Backup to Amazon S3: testing phase

We are currently testing some solutions to an efficient way of syncing the Plesk Backups (see the previous post about creating them) to Amazon S3.

So far, the candidates are:
- s3fs, Fuse Over Amazon project on Google Code
- Subcloud, the commercial supported version of s3fs
- JungleDisk, Desktop Edition, with support for Linux, MacOS and Windows

What we want: a mounted directory to the Amazon S3 (US or EU) bucket on our testing server, followed by a cronjob that will so a “local” rsync of the Plesk Backup directory.

We’ll be back with complete details.

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9 Responses to “Plesk Backup to Amazon S3: testing phase”

  1. Oscar says:

    Any update on this? Very interesting idea!

  2. Hermione says:

    I’ve been thinking about this forever. Did you manage to get it working?

    One pitfall would be the bandwith fee by the hosting provider.

    good luck!

  3. Yes, we manage to make it work properly, with JungleDisk.
    The article will follow in a few days.

  4. tate83 says:

    any updates?

  5. Hello.
    A new article about this will be published in the following days.

  6. Eric Nagel says:

    I wrote a script that does its own backups, and writes them to Amazon S3. The script is free, and available at

    Hope this helps someone,

  7. David says:

    Try out Zettar Amazon s3 sandbox at

  8. [...] Sorin Pohontu You can take a look on article about backing up an Plesk server on Amazon S3: As today, I think JungleDisk is the most reliable solution for mounting an S3 [...]

  9. St Lucia says:

    Thanks for this amazon/plesk backup update, has there been anything further?

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